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the reason for this website is to have an open diary showing my journey toward becoming a pro trader and to have something concrete to hold myself accountable to. The website also exists to connect with like minded people.


I am not an investor who buys and holds forever; nor am I a daytrader or a gambler looking for excitement. I want to trade smart and to have fun while going trough the learning curve. I am not there yet, but my goal is to become a disciplined trader and a bit of a contrarian who ignores the fundamental and technical datas, charts, news, and what the world is usually looking at. Price is reality.


It is all about the trading strategies not the investment vehicle; whether future indexes, stocks, options or red apples, successful traders turn logic into money. It might sound cool and pretty, but there is nothing pretty about it. Put some cash on the table, and you will realize that making money on a consistent basis in Wall Street is hard.


If you have an interest in finance or want to do it by yourself, here you'll get a starting point and you can observe how a normal person with no crystal ball does it. Reading my diary might help you avoid the same mistakes. The blog  is for anyone who wants to leave a thought.



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