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2 Trading Strategies.


1) A trend following strategy.

With this method I am always in the market either long or short and it is 100% systematic. It is designed to pick up and hold long term moves for months or even years in trending commodities. One is willing to go through a series of many small losses in order to catch a trend. Money is made only if the market goes up or…down. This method shoots for home runs.

2) A market neutral strategy.

I do it with options on futures. Strategic options selling lacks the glamour and excitement of daytrading. In other words, it’s boring. One makes money only when the market fluctuates within a range for one month and half. A trader hedges by holding long and short positions. The strategy is 75% systematic 25% discretionary. It scores with a constant number of small single hits.


I don’t know what the market will do, nor I care. I am only interested in whatever a market moves (up \ down) or doesn’t, not why.

Both strategies are based on price because price is reality. One strategy works when price moves, one works when it doesn’t move much, but they share similar factors a trader must pay attention. They are: risk management and discipline in always following your rules.

Instead of the focus being on your gain, you focus on the disaster case scenario. When the impact of the highly improbable strikes you can keep trading. Having the odds in your favor, is part of both methodologies. The strategies make money when they work and lose little money when they don’t. That’s why I keep employing them. No matter what the immediate outcome is.

Notice how in both cases, trading is infrequent and systematic. There is no need to guess where the stockmarket will go, nor to watch it at all times.

It’s important because it helps to avoid emotional and financial burnouts. Your time is spent only in managing your trade, not in attempting to predict any future event.

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